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Plant Recommendations

Making plant recommendations to meet your individual landscape needs

At Green Meadows, we bring three decades of horticultural expertise to each of our landscape projects. Whether you’re a novice or master gardener, it’s our everyday goal to recommend, install and preserve trees and plants that increase your home’s value while offering shade, shelter and privacy. Proper plant selections provide residents with peace, relaxation and sanctuary that give a truly exceptional and unique outdoor living experience.

To select plants for your new or renovated landscape, Green Meadows considers these varies factors: climate, soil type, water/light requirements, plant size and growth habits. We help you choose the plants that meet your design and maintenance needs. Green Meadows landscape professionals possess a wealth of information about plant species, type and location.

For an in-depth look at thousands of greenery options, we recommend that our clients review this exhaustive plant library, which has a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect plant. This library makes plants searchable by plant type, growth rate, special features, garden styles, and more. The Monrovia Plant Catalog also provides detailed care guidelines and landscape design ideas for NJ horticulture.

At Green Meadows, we know that landscape success depends on selecting the ideal plants for your environment and we’re happy to help. Call or email today to schedule a consultation, speak with a horticulturist or discuss your planting needs.

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